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Leaving it all behind

Redfox Press  
Abandoned Cottages in Achill Island

Auteur: Francis Van Maele
Format à l'allemande, s'ouvrant par le haut.
Reliure manuelle, dos toilé. 34 pages
Environ 100 photos d'habitations abandonnées sur une île irlandaise.

Texte d'introduction aux images:
" John died in the Sixties, Mary was left alone with 3 Children. There was no Work in Achill and her 3 Children went to Birmingham to find Work and send Money Home. The stayed in England, married there and Children were born. They never came back to Achill. This was the Fate of so many Families. Houses were left behind as if it was planned to come back a few Months later. Decades passed, the Pictures have faded, but everything in the House was still on its Place ".

Date de publication : 2006
Format : 10 x 25 cm
Tirage : 69 ex numérotés


Prix : 35 €